About ActionSpec

ActionSpec was started in 2014 to handle data in transition. Many of our clients at that time were moving infrastructure and data into off site hosting centers and various cloud providers. The skills required for company data in transition are unique, and what we originally built the business on, was an optimized toolset of skills and disciplines carefully designed for that application.
Today, our services and customers have grown, but the stateless nature of our data is the status quo, and as such requires a unique understanding of how to handle your critical data, while giving your company the agility it needs to operate and scale.
We work with best in class cloud providers, and the latest methodology to make sure that your data, and applications are performing quickly and efficiently.

About Rick

Rick Conlee has been in the technology space since 1999. During that time, Rick worked on enterprise class networks and applications for Airports, Public Transit, eCommerce , Internet Service Providers and a bevy of small to medium businesses. Rick’s goal is to bring that level of veterancy to ActionSpec clients.